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Joined with Plastic Bottles





Mobile Garden City
Corner of Temple Mills Lane and Honour Lea Ave
Chobham Manor Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
E15 2ER

Joined with Plastic Bottles - Stool Making Workshop

Micaella Pedros will run a stool-making workshop showcasing an experimental joining technique with plastic bottles. The ambition of the project is to give an opportunity to participants to engage in the making of their own furniture through a recycling and meaningful process.

Join us to learn more and build your own stool.

The wood we are going to use has been collected by R-Urban Wick community from the Olympic Park building sites and pre-cutted in the RARA open access workshop in Clapton. The plastic bottles were found in the street, given by people or collected in restaurants. You can also bring your empty ones along with you.

Micaella's work is about how we / people, can play and benefit from the forces and materials around us. From the belief that everything we need is just in our surroundings, her work aims to magnify the creative potential of local ressources through within-reach and transparent technologies. Therefore the object is no longer a consumption-driven artefact but a tool for creation and empowerment.

Website: micaellapedros.com

The workshop is free of charge - no booking is necessary.
The workshop will be documented as part of Micaella's graduation project.